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Oman Air to return to Dubai next week

Oman Air will operate five weekly flights to Dubai with service set to start on January 11th.

Flights to and from Dubai are operating on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday.

The national carrier of the sultanate of Oman will maintain its comprehensive safety program throughout all elements of the travel journey to ensure that guests fly confidently.

Masks are required when guests are on board the aircraft and in airports.

Distancing is maintained while guests board and exit the aircraft, which are carefully cleaned after each flight and at the end of every day.

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Cabin crew all wear a full set of personal protective equipment, meal service has been modified to increase safety and a number of other steps have been taken to ensure that guests and crew are safe at all times.

Guests who are planning to depart from Oman should ensure that they are aware of all pre-departure requirements.

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