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Travel influencer Alex Baxter’s epic fail in the Aussie outback

A travel influencer has shared the hilarious moment she completely stacked it while trying to take a photo in the Australian Outback.

Alex Baxter, who shares her travel adventures with 4.2K followers, decided to climb the side of a rock face to pose for a picturesque photo, but instead she ended up sliding down into the water, the hilarious moment going viral after it was posted to the Instagram site ‘Influencers in the Wild’.

“Free Solo 2: Revenge of the Mountain,” the clip, filmed in Karijini National Park in Western Australia’s Pilbara region, was captioned.

Alex can be seen climbing the rocks above a pool of water, complete with waterfall in the background. She’s wearing no shoes and a white dress, which ends up high above her waist as she slips into the water with a splash.

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The clip has been liked by over 85K people with many left laughing. Though some also wondered whether Alex had hurt herself in the process.

“I knew it was coming, and I still enjoyed every second of it,” one person commented.

“Omg that looks so painful,” was a more concerned response.

While a third said: “That had to hurt the knee.”

Alex herself also took to the comments of the video to call the moment “cringey”.

“What was I even trying to achieve here?” she wrote.

“I regretted my decision as soon as I started climbing. So cringey!”

Of course there were a few people who slammed Alex for posting about her travels at all.

“Glorious! This should be the outcome for all ‘influencers’ who go to remote locations and share them all over social media for likes,” was one angry comment.

While another wrote, “[Do you know] that it’s possible to go somewhere and NOT share it?”

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