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5 Tips for Glamping in 2021

Whether you are planning to camp, glamp or stay at a hotel, traveling during the pandemic requires some advanced planning and additional safety measures. Always  call the property ahead to inquire if it’s currently open, at what capacity, and what safety measures they are taking to sanitize the rooms and …

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WHO need a visa to go to Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka may be known as the teardrop isle (due to its distinctive shape), but the country’s refreshingly straightforward visa system shouldn’t be a source of too much anguish for travellers. Here’s our guide to navigating the entry requirements for visiting Sri Lanka as a tourist, with information on visa types, …

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5 Black History Sites in Philadelphia

Since Philadelphia formerly served as the nation’s capital, the story of the founding fathers is often the core lesson that visitors take away. There is, however, a narrative of equal importance to remembering and preserving American history here: the legacy of African Americans and their contributions to the city’s cultural fabric. From …

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Top Tips on How To Prepare For a Multi-day Hike

There are few better experiences than being outdoors, smelling the fresh air and taking in the open spaces. Multi-day hikes merge the beauty of the outdoors with the physical and logistical challenge of an extended journey. For those who want to amp up their mileage and turn a day hike …

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That’s Why you should become a digital nomad in 2021

As the COVID-19 vaccine starts to roll-out in destinations around the world, many people will be yearning for a change of scenery and wondering when they can get out on the road again, particularly if they’ve been working remotely all this time. There are myriad perks to being footloose and fancy-free and unbound …

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