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How to protect yourself from coronavirus on a plane

Australians have been urged to avoid all non-essential travel, particularly internationally, amid the coronavirus outbreak. As a result of travel bans and restrictions within Australia and in different countries around the world the travel industry has taken a huge hit, with thousands of flights cancelled globally, and airlines doing anything to combat the …

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Flight attendant reveals X-rated flying secrets

After working as a flight attendant for almost two decades, Saskia Swann is sharing everything in a new tell-all book. Saskia, which is not her real name, started working on private jets after six years working on commercial airlines. In her wide career, the 45-year-old has served a number of high-profile …

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Tips for hiking in Greece

Spring (April to May) is the best time for hiking. The countryside is green and fresh from the winter rains, and carpeted with wildflowers. Autumn (September to October) is also a good time. Several companies run organized treks. The biggest is Trekking Hellas which offers a variety of hikes ranging from a …

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Some tips for first time visitors to London

First-time visitors to London come with a host of preconceptions: gentlemen in bowler hats, terrible food, equally terrible weather, lots of history, world-famous buildings. But these clichés are largely unrepresentative of the real London experience. You can still find them if you look hard enough, but you can find anything in …

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Choose travel insurance wisely urges Which?

Fewer than one in 100 travel insurance policies provide ‘complete’ cover for Covid-19 disruption, a Which? analysis of more than 250 policies has revealed. While some travel insurers boast of offering impressive-sounding ‘Covid-19 cover’, the consumer rights body found that this means different things for different providers. Which? found that …

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Here’s what you need to know about visas for visiting France

Entering France from nearby countries is usually a breeze – no border checkpoints and no customs – thanks to the Schengen Agreement, signed by all of France’s neighbors (except the UK, the Channel Islands and Andorra). Things aren’t always so straightforward if you’re traveling from outside the Schengen area or planning to …

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How to get around when you visit France

Public transportation between cities in France is comfortable, quick, usually reliable and reasonably priced. Travel within départements (regions), is handled by a combination of short-haul trains, SNCF buses and public bus companies and can be patchy, especially in rural areas. Driving is the simplest way to get around France, but a car is a liability in …

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