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How nervous fliers work through their flight anxiety

Flying is an occupational necessity for travel writer Lola Méndez, but, as someone with claustrophobia, that doesn’t make it any easier. Méndez’s first experience with mid-flight anxiety was a shock. She’d already been traveling full time for years before she started hyperventilating and crying in the sky over Papua New Guinea in 2018. At …

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this is the best time to ask for a seat upgrade

Timing is everything, especially if you want a good seat. Flight attendants revealed that passengers who want to upgrade their seats should submit their request at the boarding door as soon as possible. “You should ask prior to door closure, but don’t be surprised if they don’t move you until …

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Does your child need vaccines before international travel?

Traveling with kids exposes us to new family travel adventures, but it can also expose our immune systems to unfamiliar diseases, ones not covered by routine vaccinations in our home countries. For this reason, travel vaccines are a vital part of preparation for international travel to certain countries or regions of the world. According to …

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14 Tips For Traveling Alone

Everyone, at some point in their lives, should try traveling completely alone. It’s a whole different way to experience new places, people, and cultures, and you can learn a lot about yourself in the process. It can be hard and sometimes lonely, but overall, it’s an amazing way to reflect and …

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Get to know Greece with these 12 essential places to visit

It’s fair to say Greece ticks a lot of boxes as a travel destination. Fascinating ancient monuments. Big tick. Hiking trails galore. Tick. Traditional hilltop towns and charming fishing villages. Tick and tick. And then there are the stunning beaches, buzzing cities, and amazing national cuisine to consider. In reality, you could spend …

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How to protect yourself from coronavirus on a plane

Australians have been urged to avoid all non-essential travel, particularly internationally, amid the coronavirus outbreak. As a result of travel bans and restrictions within Australia and in different countries around the world the travel industry has taken a huge hit, with thousands of flights cancelled globally, and airlines doing anything to combat the …

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