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The Best Time to Visit Sydney, Australia

Sydney in summer is immediately recognizable. Of course its iconic sights can be enjoyed year-round, but if you’re mad about beaches, or prefer a cutting-edge arts festival, you’ll want to pick the best time to visit this eclectic and electrifying city. Whether its cheaper accommodation or cooler weather you’re after, our tips …

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Australia: Most popular winter Tiny House escapes

If you’re wanting to escape the bustle of the city and get comfy in nature, but camping isn’t your thing, then we have the perfect – and cosy – solution. A tiny house is the perfect winter weekend escape, to head somewhere unique and close to nature, without sacrificing creature …

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Kayak on Lake Wanaka in New Zealand

Travelers in the southern hemisphere who like to get out on the water will want to head to New Zealand, where Paddle Wanaka is primed to help everyone experience the incredible natural beauty of this tiny nation. “Our aim, for everyone, is to get people out kayaking with friends and family and enjoy …

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East Coast Australia: best for road-tripping

It’s difficult to explore the East Coast of Australia alone. So many travelers plough the snaking stretch of road that runs from Sydney to Cairns – seduced, in part, by stories of late-night revelry – that solitude is often harder to find than companionship. But it’s not just the good-time vibe that makes this stretch of …

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WHY New Zealand is a great country for families

With its beautiful scenery, world-class cities and adventure activities, New Zealand is on many people’s bucket lists. And, with so many outdoor activities, it also makes a great place to travel with kids! With child-friendly activities on offer throughout the country, parents will have no trouble keeping their children entertained from Auckland to the South …

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Where To Try Skydiving

Forget hang-gliding and paragliding – there’s nothing like the rush of jumping from a plane at 12,000ft. Just about anyone can tandem skydive, but sky surfing, wingsuit surfing and BASE jumping are best left to pros. Where to try it: choose an idyllic natural setting like Byron Bay, Australia (try Skydive Australia), the Swiss …

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