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Best Time To Travel To Bora Bora

With its turquoise lagoon, blonde beaches and lush mountain backdrop, Bora Bora is the epitome of a tropical paradise. Typically pictured with clear blue, sunny skies or fiery sunsets, this is the luxury island escape that many travelers dream of – and thanks to year-round warm temperatures, there really isn’t a bad …

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The best ski resorts in France

Be it hammering down heart-thumping blacks in the ice-blue shadow of Mont Blanc, ski-touring beneath glistening saw-chiseled peaks or tree skiing through picture-book forests, France sports an unrivaled variety of skiing – for all abilities, styles and budgets. The winter ski season in the blockbuster French Alps, quieter Pyrenees and low-key Jura …

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Get to know Greece with these 12 essential places to visit

It’s fair to say Greece ticks a lot of boxes as a travel destination. Fascinating ancient monuments. Big tick. Hiking trails galore. Tick. Traditional hilltop towns and charming fishing villages. Tick and tick. And then there are the stunning beaches, buzzing cities, and amazing national cuisine to consider. In reality, you could spend …

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Moving mountains: Norway’s top 9 hikes

In a country that prizes friluftsliv (outdoor living) above all else, the Norwegians have a headstart when it comes to hiking. This spectacularly buckled and contorted land of jewel-coloured fjords, glaciers and pop-up mountains is best seen by hitting the trails that wriggle through its remotest reaches, where you’ll receive the wildest …

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Insider tips for the best things to do in Italy

Italy – and its awe-inspiring art, architecture and food – is no secret. The epicenter of the Roman Empire and the birthplace of the Renaissance, this European virtuoso practically groans under the weight of its cultural cachet. The challenge is not so much where to go – an amazing experience …

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Barcelona is home to some of Europe’s most fantastic architecture

Famed for its architectural treasures, Barcelona is dotted with striking Gothic cathedrals, fantastical Modernisme creations and avant-garde works. Building first boomed in the late Middle Ages, when Barcelona was seat of the Catalan empire. In the late 19th century, the city broke its medieval confines and was transformed through whimsical …

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Italian meal to an art form

Italians live to eat. Not only is the food beyond delicious, it’s the symphonic way that the courses unfold that elevates an Italian meal to an art form. It’s a multi-layered experience far richer than the sum of its parts. When I moved to Italy as a 22-year-old American, I was naïve, …

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top tips for your first trip to the Greek isle

Santorini is the supermodel of the Greek islands, a head-turner whose face is instantly recognizable around the world: multicolored cliffs soar out of a sea-drowned volcanic crater, topped by whitewashed buildings. With its reputation for dazzling panoramas, romantic sunsets and volcanic-sand beaches, it’s hardly surprising Santorini features on so many travelers’ bucket lists. There’s …

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10 best beautiful natural stunning spots in France

France may be known for its cultural and culinary delights, but don’t forget about the great outdoors. The country smoulders with natural beauty, from mountain ranges and canyons to startling stretches of coast. These stunning spots will make you want to tumble down giant sand dunes and feel the cool spray of waterfalls …

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