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Popoyo instead of Tulum

Unlike Tulum, which has been teeming with influencers for a decade and now has a serious seaweed problem, Popoyo is still relatively undiscovered. It boasts Nicaragua’s most consistent surf, and what it lacks in archeological ruins, it makes up for with sunsets (something east-facing Tulum never sees). Instead of snorkeling …

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9 Must-Do in Honolulu, Hawaii

What setsO’ahu apart from other Hawaiian islands? Honolulu, of course. It’s the only Hawaiian island with a bonafide city, complete with high-rises, loads of fine-dining options and enough shopping to keep you busy for an entire vacation. In other words, you will never run out of things to do. The world-famous beaches, …

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6 US Dark Sky Parks are right for you

There are few sights as awe-inspiring as the night sky, with the cloudy band of the Milky Way and the planets shining overhead. While most people travel for daytime sightseeing or adventure experiences, there are plenty of reasons to plan extra time into your vacation to enjoy stargazing in the …

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Florida: Paddling at Ten Thousand Islands

Most people hear “Everglades” and think “swamps and alligators,” but the western edge of the park is taken up by the Ten Thousand Islands, a fringe of coral cays and mangrove islands off of Florida’s southern Gulf Coast. In the quiet, so-laid-back-it’s-comatose town of Everglades City, find the Gulf Coast Visitor Center for Everglades National Park. Rangers …

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Florida: Windsurfing at Key Biscayne

Just offshore from Miami (and not to be confused with Biscayne National Park), Key Biscayne is an island with a small-town, residential feel just minutes from the frenetic pulse of south Florida. For all the tranquility to be had on Key Biscayne, the road that connects the island to the mainland, the …

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Florida: Diving at Biscayne National Park

The thing about Biscayne National Park, located near Florida’s southern tip on the Atlantic Coast, is that you can drive to it and not know you’re there. Sure, there’s the Dante Fascell Visitor Center and a parking lot, but the national park itself? All you can see is water. But that’s exactly …

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best time to visit Alaska

Twenty-four-hour darkness and sun at midnight. Ice-worm festivals and sweltering outdoor salmon bakes. Sun-dappled rainforest and freezing-cold arctic tundra. Alaska is a place of extreme seasonal and regional contrasts. In a state that practically invented social distancing, you’ll rarely encounter crowds, but costs can be high, and the weather can deliver an …

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