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5 Black History Sites in Philadelphia

Since Philadelphia formerly served as the nation’s capital, the story of the founding fathers is often the core lesson that visitors take away. There is, however, a narrative of equal importance to remembering and preserving American history here: the legacy of African Americans and their contributions to the city’s cultural fabric. From …

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Where To Try Bouldering

Climbing has become so popular it will make its debut at the Tokyo Olympics. Bouldering, one of the climbing events you’ll see in the Olympic games, is when people climb to heights of 20ft or less without ropes or harnesses (safety mats are often used). Climb any higher without wearing …

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Where To Try Skydiving

Forget hang-gliding and paragliding – there’s nothing like the rush of jumping from a plane at 12,000ft. Just about anyone can tandem skydive, but sky surfing, wingsuit surfing and BASE jumping are best left to pros. Where to try it: choose an idyllic natural setting like Byron Bay, Australia (try Skydive Australia), the Swiss …

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Where To Try Heli-skiing or boarding

Using a whirlybird to access untouched terrain, heli-skiing is quite technical, and you’ll get more bang (or in this case, powder) for your buck if you’re an advanced skier or snowboarder. Where to try it: widely banned in Europe, heli-skiing is popular in North America and New Zealand. Alaska’s Chugach Mountains boast some of the …

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Where To Try Freshwater Cave Diving

Ocean scuba is extreme enough for some, but descending into a hole in the earth to explore a submerged cave system is next-level stuff. Stalactites are usually the big draw. Where to try it: Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula has the world’s largest concentration of cenotes (sinkholes). Fringed by lush jungle, its crystal-clear turquoise pools …

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Where To Try Downhill Mountain Biking

Using full-suspension bikes designed to float over rocks and tree roots, “DH” bikers race down steep inclines peppered with obstacles. Where to try it: DH biking Bolivia’s so-called Death Road is one of the nation’s most popular backpacker activities. Somewhat safer is Whistler Mountain Bike Park in Canada, at which winter ski runs morph into summer …

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9 Museums for American art in the US

The United States is in the throes of a tumultuous presidential transition. With increasingly polarized Americans having made a choice between red, blue, and a host of other divisive options, it’s easy to lose sight of the fabric sewing all 50 states together. If you study the work of American artists, however, …

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10 Best Hiking Trails in California, USA

Ever since Native Americans blazed the first trails through the wilderness, Californians have been hikers. Oceanside rambles, desert palm oases, skyscraping peaks and silent forests await. Here are 10 of California’s best hiking trails. Editor’s note: Please check the latest travel restrictions due to COVID-19 or the California wildfires before planning any trip and always …

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The Wave in Arizona is allowing more visitors to trek

Arizona’s famous and exclusive hike, The Wave, will soon allow more people to trek the colourful sandstone rock formation. The Wave is situated in the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, which is located in Arizona, near its northern border with Utah. It got its name because its landscape has been eroded by the wind …

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