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The best places to visit in Ecuador

Many of South America’s greatest hits can be found in Ecuador – from Andean peaks and the Amazon to tropical beaches, Inca ruins, colonial cities and the wonders of the Galapagos Islands. Not bad for a country the size of Colorado! The big question is where to start? To help you on …

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When is best time to visit Chile

Chile basks in an embarrassment of natural riches, from golden beaches to massive glaciers. So whether you’re here to visit volcanoes, to wander through ancient forests or simply to take in the country’s magical vineyards or fjords, it pays to get your timings right. Here’s our guide for when to go …

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Everyone can explore a more accessible Caribbean

Imagine dipping your feet into crystal clear waters along miles of golden sands, hearing your own breathing as you scuba dive, and seeing the sparkle of gold, silver, and gems in quaint shops. These alluring Caribbean travel experiences have historically not been accessible to wheelchair users, but fortunately that is …

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Brazil: Take in the scenery at Iguazú Falls

Adventurers in Argentina and Brazil shouldn’t skip a visit to the breathtaking Iguazú Falls, a chain of waterfalls that spans the border between the two countries, surrounded by lush, green rainforest. The park is well-equipped for those traveling in wheelchairs or with otherwise limited mobility, with wide, well-tended walkways that allow easy access to the falls. …

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best time to visit Brazil

Rain? In Brazil? You may think that this tanned slice of South America is all golden beaches and cold caipirinhas, but this massive country encompasses everything from the steamy Amazon Rainforest to rushing cascades of the Iguaçu Falls (actually nearer to Buenos Aires in Argentina than Rio), so you need to consider both seasonal and regional differences when planning a trip. Here’s …

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The best time to visit Panama

With deserted islands, Indigenous outposts, dense rainforests, cosmopolitan cities and two magnificent coasts to explore, Panama is somewhere to linger. But it pays to go at the right time – Panama lies just 9º north of the equator, buffeted by the trade winds, meaning a tropical drenching often comes with the …

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