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NEW RULES When can I go on holiday, what is the new quarantine rule and how much will Covid tests cost?

When will I be able to go on holiday again?

England’s lockdown ends next week, from December 2, meaning UK holidays and international travel can go ahead.

This means a last-minute break abroad will be able to restart.

However, this will depend on the region and the new tiers, which the government has confirmed will see more parts of England remaining in high risk categories.

If in tier 1 or tier 2, families will be able to go on holiday, although in tier 2 this will have to be with your own household.

Tier 3 regions are still advised against non-essential travel meaning holidays should not go ahead, with hotels in the regions also remaining closed.

What are the new quarantine restrictions when returning to the UK?

Currently, any countries on the “red list” which are deemed high risk require a mandatory two-week quarantine when back in the UK.

Anyone caught breaking their self-isolation period faces fines of £1,000, with one man forced to pay £7,000 after being caught repeatedly flouting the rules.

However, the government has confirmed that the two week quarantine will be reduced when the lockdown ends from 14 days to five days.

All destinations will be covered under the new scheme, and a test does not need to be booked in advance of travel.

Which popular holiday destinations are currently on the UK’s quarantine list?

  • Spain
  • France
  • Italy
  • Greece (excluding Corfu, Crete, Rhodes, Zante and Kos)
  • Turkey
  • Portugal (excluding Madeira and the Azores)
  • Egypt
  • Tunisia

Families will have to have a coronavirus test on arrival and a test on the fifth day when arriving in the UK, with results between 24 and 48 hours.

If the fifth test comes back negative then they will be able to leave quarantine, nine days earlier.

The test and release scheme will launch from December 15.

The new system is flexible so that you can book the test from around 20 private clinics with a range of tests available.

How much will the new coronavirus tests cost to be able to leave quarantine?

The tests are not free as the NHS only offer free tests for people with symptoms, not for holidays.

The tests will be done privately, with passengers expected to pay between £65 and £125.

However, some airlines and tour operators have said they will eventually cover the costs, and prices are expected to drop over time.

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Wizz Air are to offer British passengers Covid tests and Covid-free travel certificates from November 27 for just £85.

Gatwick Airport has launched rapid £60 tests for passengers heading on holiday while Heathrow Airport has already trialled Covid testing for travellers heading to Hong Kong.

Here are some of the other airports around the world offering coronavirus tests on arrival.

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