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Makeup Museum in New York City, New York

The world’s first make-up museum opened its doors in New York City last fall with a debut exhibition dedicated to the history of make-up and its impact on society. Beauty gurus can explore the ways in which ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians enhanced their looks with unusual, and sometimes dangerous, …

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9 Museums for American art in the US

The United States is in the throes of a tumultuous presidential transition. With increasingly polarized Americans having made a choice between red, blue, and a host of other divisive options, it’s easy to lose sight of the fabric sewing all 50 states together. If you study the work of American artists, however, …

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Top 4 museums in Hong Kong for art and culture lovers

Hong Kong may have a reputation as a city of business and finance, but there’s also a vibrant arts scene and rich cultural heritage that’s captured at many of the museums around town. Whether you’re hoping to learn more about the ways people lived during the ancient Chinese dynasties, or …

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