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Affordable Tokyo adventures you can’t miss

Enjoy the silence at one of the city’s many temples — for free. Buddhist Sensō-ji is the oldest and most significant, while Meiji-Jingu, a Shinto shrine in the forest near Harajuku station, is extra relaxed, even when busy.

Climb the Tokyo Skytree So it’s not The Edge, but that costs $36 and up; Tokyo’s highest observation deck is just $25.

Brave Shibuya Crossing The busiest pedestrian crossing in the world puts Times Square to shame. Follow the crowds as they zig and zag their way across this insane meeting of major roads, then repair to one of the food halls in the nearby department stores and ogle some of the world’s priciest strawberries.

Find nature in Yoyogi Park Any park will do, really, but this 134-acre respite is a fine example of just how restorative open spaces can be in a city, even at the heart of one like Tokyo. As with any of the city green zones, the best parts are the actual forest lands that make you feel like you’re very, very far away from town.

See Yayoi Kusama’s museum She’s hotter than hot around the world right now, and certainly in New York — the contemporary artist has her own museum in Shinjuku, and tickets are just over $7.

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草津溫泉的自然湧出量是日本第一,每分鐘達2,300升以上,而且當地溫泉的工作人員用浸泡和旋轉木板來冷卻泉水,不會減弱其溫泉功效。 地址:群馬縣吾妻郡草津町(地圖按此) 交通:由新宿站新南口,乘往草津溫泉的JR高速巴士;或乘JR至「長野原草津口」或「輕井澤」再轉巴士前往  

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