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Best Places to Go Stargazing: Wadi Rum, Jordan

I’ll end by sharing one of my personal favorites, based on my experience traveling to Jordan several years ago. During my trip, I saw many of the country’s highlights: the Roman ruins of Jerash, the vast expanse of the Dead Sea, and the Rose City of Petra. I also spent one night at a camp in Wadi Rum, the desert region in southern Jordan.

Wadi Rum is also sometimes called the “Valley of the Moon,” though you’re more likely to compare it to Mars if you visit. Made famous for its otherworldly landscapes in movies like Prometheus, Star Wars: Rogue One, and The Martian, Wadi Rum’s towering red rock formations are fascinating to explore by day – and offer protection from any distant light pollution once the sun sets.

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Stargazing in Wadi Rum is a breathtaking experience, and like NamibRand Nature Reserve and Aoraki Mackenzie Dark Sky Reserve, reminds us how our ancestors experienced the night sky for millennia before light pollution began to encroach on this wondrous natural resource.

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