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‘the deepest diving pool in the world’ has opened in Poland

A unique attraction has opened in Poland, described as ‘the deepest diving pool in the world’ — giving divers the chance to practice deep ‘sea’ diving without getting into the ocean. It also offers crystal-clear water so that divers will have “the impression of being suspended in space, as if there was no water around”.

Deepspot, opened in Mszczonów, near Warsaw, and claims to be the world’s deepest pool, reaching a total depth of 45.5 meters (149 foot) and containing 8000 cubic meters of water. It’s designed as a training and practice pool for divers at all levels. The pool even includes a small wreck for scuba and free divers to explore.

The water in the pool is warmer than in traditional swimming pools, so divers don’t have to wear wet suits. As there are variety of depths, so they will be able to train for a variety of conditions. Students will be able to learn to dive with instructors and complete comprehensive diving training, while freedivers can experiment in the unique conditions.

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While Poland may not spring to mind as a popular diving spot, the lack of external conditions within the pool mean that customers can dive any day of the year. Deepspot is designed to feel like a marine or ocean location, but with the perfect conditions. If you aren’t into diving, there’s also an underwater tunnel for spectators, as well as conference, training and hotel rooms that look into the interior of the pool.

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Pulling off an ambitious project like this was no easy feat. The company said there were challenges to their plan – even building a pool so deep is a technological challenge. It’s also difficult to keep the water crystal clear and so the pool requires an advanced system of water filtration to do so.

The Deepspot pool will soon have competition with another site claiming the ‘world’s deepest diving pool’ title. Blue Abyss is a research pool scheduled to open in the UK in 2022, reaching depths of 50 meters.

US citizens are currently restricted from traveling to Poland, according to the US Embassy in Warsaw. Poland is open to citizens from EU countries, as well as Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and more.

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