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USA cocktail hails – Cosmopolitan

Travel may be a little tricky these days, but you can still traverse the globe with these delicious drink recipes to try at home.

Today’s cocktail hails from the USA – Cosmopolitan

What is it?

Synonymous with style, sophistication and TV’s Sex and the City, this pink concoction of cranberry juice, lime, Cointreau and vodka served in a martini glass is recognizable to fashionistas at 50 paces.


“The Cosmo” as it’s affectionately known, started life in small drinking subcultures in the US, though its official creator is hotly disputed. It became the “it” cocktail for a generation of women and gay men in the late 1990s, peaking as the frequently referenced drink of choice for Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte before fizzing out of favor to become a standard on the classics menu. That’s fashion for you.

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You’ll need (serves 1)

1fl oz (30ml) vodka (the best you can get – citrus-flavored vodka also works well)
½fl oz (15ml) Cointreau (can be substituted with Triple Sec)
¾fl oz (25ml) cranberry juice (use more or less for personal preference and aesthetics; in addition to flavor, the amount of cranberry defines the cocktail’s pink hue)
A squeeze of fresh lime juice
Twist of orange peel, to serve


Step 1: Put a martini glass in the freezer to chill.
Step 2: Put all the ingredients (apart from the orange peel) in a cocktail shaker, fill with ice and shake hard for about 20 seconds.
Step 3: Strain into your chilled martini glass.
Step 4: Peel a loop of orange zest over the top of the drink, hopefully catching a little orange oil in the glass as you do so.
Step 5: For a bit more flamboyance, hold the orange peel with your thumb and forefinger and flame gently with a match for about 20 seconds, then add the burnt peel to garnish.
Step 6: Enjoy, in fabulous fashion.

Tasting notes

For the authentic Cosmopolitan experience, slip-on designer heels, an eye-catching outfit, accessorize with your best bling. This is all about working it. Virtually grab a couple of friends or a hot date and indulge in the pretty pink cocktail. The first sweet sip – the refreshing cranberry and lime juice – initially masks the alcoholic effects of the vodka and Cointreau. But after a few, almost anyone may be looking fabulous.

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